Yulan Mahjong Solitaire App Reviews

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Not Bad For The Price

The tiles are a little on the small side making it difficult to select the tile you want. In one instance I accidentaly selected matching tiles at the same time while actually trying to select a different one! Also the game could use some sound, even sound effects at the very least.

Great little game!

This version of mahjong is just what I wanted: classic tiles, a variety of game boards, and easy to play.


This game plays pretty well, but the tile rendering is very amateurish and hard to see.

Fun and addicting

Help! I cannot stop playing this game. Ive been matching tiles for hours now.... I have work to do.... errands to run... But here I it. This game is stuck to my hand and I must play over & over.... Seriously, it helps to play these games if you invest in a Pogo stylus.... Also very handy if you have long nails. Get this game. Lots of fun and many options. JMHO //(*_*)

Very nice

Really fun. An awesome game.

mahjong expert

Tiles are too small to see unless you enlarge screen and then must move around in the dark.

Version 2.0 ruined this game

This game was great until version 2.0 came along. It went from a full board to a dumbed down version. Ive never seen an application dumb itself down, Im shocked and amazed the developer would do this. It went from a challenging game to no challenge whatsoever. I finish 98% of the games and do it within a minute. That is not supposed to happen in Mahjong. I like this game because of the challenge, not because I can win almost every game. The other problem with this game is the zoom. Its supposed to work on a double tap, but frequently zooms on a single tap. Theyve never fixed it in any version. So Maverick, put the game back to the previous version and fix the zoom and Ill buy it. At least put an option in for no zoom. A timer would be nice as well.

Very well done

I like the new tilesets, and its great to be able to choose the harder classic layouts for a challenge or the simple ones when I want a short game. This is one of better Mahjong games on the phone.

Not the best

Ok... I like-make that love mahjong, but this one is giving me such a headache!! Be careful where and how hard you tap the screen because Ive been having problems with it zooming and being unable to zoom out. Also, the selection screen decided which board I wanted to play for the first 4 games... Really? If youre gonna charge any money for this thing, at least get it working!!!

Tulsi mahjong solitaire

If I could get a refund, I would. The tiles are blurry, and it zooms in when you hit the board the wrong way. I am sorry I purchased it.


this is a game for your iphone NOT your ipad...I am frustrated i paid for a game that i cant play on my ipad because i can barely see the game (too small)

Too Sensitive to Use

Im tired of this app. Sounded great and is a good app. Too bad its so sensitive that you can play with enjoyment. Ive used a finger, a thumb and even a stylus but the layout always moves on me. That causes me not to be able to make matching tiles. Its worse and more frustrating if I have the timer on. If you accidentally double tap you get the zoom feature which is also mind boggling if you are racing against the clock. Its very hard to make a match of the tiles with the sensitivity.

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